The ESEI Center for Market Design looks forward to welcoming you to the 2013 World Meetings of the Economic Science Association (ESA) on July 11-14, 2013.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by:


  • May 1: Submission closing date
  • May 5: You are informed if your paper is accepted
  • May 15: Deadline early registration
  • June 1: Deadline late registration
  • July 8-9: ESEI mini-course by Peter Bossaerts on Experimenal Finance
  • July 11: 2nd ESEI Market Design Workshop and ESA welcome reception
  • July 12-14: ESA World Meetings



The ESEI (Engineering Social and Economic Institutions) market design center at the University of Zurich was established in August 2010 with the help of an ERC Advanced Investigator grant and two Swiss National Science Foundation grants.  The research focus at ESEI is to solve major open design problems using an approach that combines theory, laboratory experiments, and practical policy.  The aim is to advance our scientific knowledge and to provide practitioners with implementations that have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory. A large body of experimental research has uncovered empirical regularities not predicted by theory, creating a central role for “wind tunnel” testing of alternative institutions. The combination of mechanism design and wind tunnel testing defines our “engineering” approach to the design of better social and economic institutions. Research interests include various aspects of market design, including auctions, contests, matching, dynamic mechanism design, package markets, bounded rationality, social networks and social learning, voting and communication. Combined the ESEI team represent a complete “Swiss army knife” solution to problems in market design.

For an overview of the research, teaching, and policy advice done at ESEI, please visit us at our new home.